Paper Tag Beets Blu Key Finder Review…

A few weeks ago, I was contacted to see if I wanted to review the Beets Blu Key Finder. For someone that is always {and I mean always} losing her keys I was all for it!


The package arrived and I was very keen to get started. The Key Finder works with an application you download to your phone called PaperTag. It allows you to track the pager via the app on your mobile phone. It can help you to track your valuables and detect where lost or forgotten items are. The Pager Tag will also alert you when your item is outside of a certain range, via sound and LED lights. It can track location, and it also has an alarm which can be triggered to sound from the Beets Blu app.

If you loose you keys {like me!} then all you have to do is open up the app on your phone and sound the alarm. The key fob then makes a beeping noise so you are able to find the keys quickly, rather than run around like a madman trying to locate them!


The simple application which is used inline with the key fob..

I was really quite impressed with the Beets Blu PagerTag, and it is definitely something I can see myself using. I have to admit that the PagerTag is quite sensitive, you may find that when the connection with the device is lost, for instance when the phone is upstairs and the keys downstairs, the Pager Tag sounds an alarm to let you know its out of range, sometimes it can be too much! But overall I think this is a pretty good thing to have.

I struggled at first in trying to get the app and key fob paired together once the connection was lost, but with a few taps on the app, and I click of the key fob, I soon had them back together. The instructions are fairly basic and just lets you know how to set the device up with the app, so my only criticism would be that it needed more information on how to use them together.


You don’t just have to have this for your keys, you can slip it in your wallet, laptop bag, handbag.. Its definitely something that is going to be attached to my keys from now on.. Its a handy little device to have around! This is one little gadget I will be making full use out of..

**I was sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions and views are my own**


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