OXO Herb Mincer Review

When I was sent the OXO strawberry Huller I was also sent an OXO Herb Mincer to review too.. I thought it would be way easier to write them up in two different post, but if you missed the review on the Huller you can read it here..

I was pretty impressed from the start with the mincer, it basically says what it does in the title. I managed to have some rosemary in the fridge so I got straight to it and started cutting it up with the mincer. It was so easy to use and beats using a knife. With its soft non slip grip, it keeps hands away from the blades and it also has a lovely little lip at the end of the mincer that works as a scraper to gather up the chopped herbs!



I didn’t just test it out on the herbs.. One job I really hate doing is chopping up garlic, I have the smell on me for ages and I thought rather than use the knife {again} I would try the mincer on it.. I was pleasantly surprised how well it took to slicing through it, once it had broken down a little its blades cut through and left me with tiny chopped up pieces of garlic and my hands and fingers didn’t smell! Perfect..


Its so easy to clean, it comes apart into two pieces which in its self is easy enough for anyone to do and clips back into place once clean. You can also just open the mincer up to wipe away any herbs that have collected between the blades.. It is also dishwasher safe! It comes with a handy plastic cover to replace over the blades once clean too.

I can see myself using this time and time again in the kitchen, such a handy little gadget to have around!

** I was sent this item for free as part of the review, all words and opinions are my own**


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