Morse Toad are a chocolate messaging service. Instead of sending just a card you can now send chocolate messages to anyone you like – and for literally any occasion. Morse Toad have a huge range of messages for different themes and you can create something special for any special occasion. – birthdays, anniversaries, new baby… Whatever reason you want to send someone a personalised gift Morse Toad has the answer – in chocolate.

Morse Toad’s mission is to make the post amazing. Create deliciously personalised gifts and send them in the post. Make someones day with a surprise chocolate delivery! You are able to write something delicious in chocolate, make it a photo gift by adding a picture which makes it personal to the recipient.

At £6.95 including shipping, Morse Toad hope that their puns will be an accessible gift for everyone. Customers can choose to add their own photo and printed message to the box to make it personal. At the moment they only have 5 puns, but soon they will be releasing more.

The boxes fit through the letterbox so no trips to Royal Mail. Which is really handy when you are working, busy doing the school run or have errands to run. Its nice to know that you don’t have to wait in, or make that extra trip out to pick it up.

The chocolate used is top quality Belgian chocolate, so they’ll never eat just one, and it really is rather lovely! Not your bog standard chocolate. Its really thick and chunky, which is what you would expect with a gift like this.

I decided to go along the route of a fathers day gift. When the post arrived, bearing in mind it was less than 24 hours since I placed the order, I was really quite surprised. It was a nice sized box, wrapped well in lovely gold foil wrapping, and super fast delivery. I made Mr B open it up and he was quite impressed to. The box includes, a solid piece of chocolate and a really lovely card that has a message of your choice on, when you turn it over it has a picture of your choosing too.


I was a little bit disappointed with the picture quality, BUT that is no fault of Morse Toad. It was actually the picture I chose, which was poor quality. I would maybe suggest that the website maybe include a low resolution indicator, to avoid disappointment if you were sending this as a gift. Apart from that, I couldn’t fault the product and it is a lovely lovely gift to send out to friends and family. Who doesn’t want to receive chocolate in the post?

Morse Toad are giving away £100 and 25 boxes for FREE. The person with the most points will win £100 and a free box. The next 24 will win a free box. You can enter here

**I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words are my own**




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