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When I started blogging it was always a bit hit and miss as to when I actually blogged. Now I have become a bit more confident within the blogging community I actually schedule post! Sometimes this can run away with me and I tend to become a bit forgetful when it comes to scheduling and linking up with my favourite link ups, and writing my own posts.

For my birthday I got a gorgeous Filofax diary and it literally is the best thing I have, until I was asked by Filofax to review their new Notepad..


Filofax Notebooks offer the same flexibility that has made the brand iconic – simplicity of a notebook but with the flexibility for personalisation. Clever features such as coloured indices, a ruler/page marker and moveable pages make these notebooks unique.

IMG_1728 IMG_1734

Although I use my Filofax diary to help me remember when to post and schedule, the notebook has already come in handy for blog post ideas and up and coming posts to write. I actually didn’t think I would get on with it, just because it was a notepad, but this is such a clever little notepad! The pages detach and are able to be put back in to where you want them to be in the notepad and it has three page markers which have come in handy to separate my notepad into three categories {Blogging, Crochet and Miscellaneous – which I have been using for shopping lists etc..} I have made some covers for my topics and used them with the dividers.

IMG_1731 IMG_1733

I chose the fuchsia notepad, but it comes in a variety of colours {aqua, red, black, orange, blue and fuchsia} It folds back on itself which I find really handy, or it can lay flat. It comes fully stocked and has a handy refill pack attached at the back.

This notebook is big enough to pop in my bag, so when I get a random thought I can pop it in and also its always the unexpected times you come up with a blog post to type. This works perfectly with my new diary and already I have seen my blogging schedule and personal schedule work whole lot better with the two running alongside each other.

**I was sent this item for free as part of the review, all words and opinions are my own**


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