Unwanted Pests…

Lately, Ive been inundated with PPI claims, you tell them no, and they just go on and on and don’t listen, I end up hanging up. I know I am not owed anything. I Don’t own credit cards, I don’t have loans so I just wish they would get of my case! Everything is in the husbands name other than the mortgage, I find it frustrating they keep banging on about claiming money back, its not just one company either, its lots! I want to know where they have got my number from!! Its not just the PPI claims that have been calling me, I am constantly being called by an “international” number same time of day, some days they can phone up to 3 or 4 times a day! Yesterday I had, had enough, so every time they phoned the childish side in me came out, if like me you are fed up with unwanted pests follow these easy steps and I can guarantee you they wont call back the next day!

  1. When phone rings (making sure its pest caller!!) Fire up you speakers
  2. Find the loudest most obscene song you can find on you playlist
  3. Blast it out on full volume down the phone, until said pest hangs up
  4. If said pest calls back Repeat steps 1,2 and 3





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