The Last Goodbye

I am sat here trying this in my lounge, which for the last 3 nights has housed my mattress, and has been our temporary bedroom. I have to admit, I am excited about this new chapter in our lives, but I happen to be quite sad, and tend to cry at the drop of a hat.

This little flat of ours, shunted us onto the property market, just in time, as months later the downhill spiral of the fall of the property market fell. I thank my lucky stars we did it when we did, as I honestly believe we wouldn’t be able to do it now.

This little flat of ours saw me a Miss and becoming a Mrs.

This little flat of ours has seen two pregnancy flourish and its where we bought our two precious babies home. It makes me sad that we are going on the basis of this. I remember those two days like they were yesterday. Carrying our teeny {not Moo as she was rather large!} tiny babies up those 2 flights of stairs, opening our front door and not going out for days on end.

This little flat has seen tears, tantrums, joy, happiness, love.

I have complained so much about our little flat. The walk to the front door, the parking {which let me tell you, sends shivers down my spine! God forbid, if anyone was in my parking space!} the maintenance charge, the size of the rooms, the list goes on!

But this little flat of ours has been a perfect home. A perfect starter for me and the hubby. A perfect start as a family. As a safe place for my children. Its been perfect.

But know we start afresh, a new home, that we can make new memories. A garden, a driveway {no more sharing a carpark! woo hoo!} 2 bathrooms! and most importantly space, space for us to grow as a family, to explore and set up a family home. Exciting times lay ahead and although I am sad, there is a bubbling of excitement in my stomach! Its been a long time coming!


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