Royalist Or Not? Give Them Some Slack…

This could be a rather controversial post, Ive been thinking about it all week and Ive been knocking my views around in my head, and I thought, why not air them on the blog? maybe not the best place but we shall see, it just so happens to be about the Royals!

I never saw myself as a royalist, I never followed the royals, until Wills and kate came along (I must admit Ive been a bit of a fan of Prince Harry for a long time!) There is something about William and Catherine that makes you want to follow the royals, that makes you want to learn more about them. I find it intriguing to know more about them and I enjoy watching them.

I was one of the billions that tuned in to the Royal wedding and watched in awe as Catherine walked in wonder into the abbey, greeted the crowd with ease, and took it all in her stride. I was also one of those billions that watched in amazement at how well they coped with those first few moments of parenthood, showing there precious prince to the world. I am definitely going to be following them for a long time yet!




I have looked on in amazement at social media and news sites picking at how William and Catherine dealt with the aftermath of “showing the prince off” I think they did rather well. William Tentatively held Kate down the steps and then took his son in his arms, they then made there way and answered questions from the world press which no-one was expecting, they then both made there way back inside and re-apeared with prince in car seat, then William, put his son in the car and drove his newly family of 3 of to Kensington palace. My heart melted at all of this. To see William do all of this and no one else, not the help of an aide was  lovely. But some were nit picking, some were going through the steps with a fine tooth comb and just being cruel.

What you have to remember is:

  • These are not normal circumstances for a new family. I, You, My next door neighbour, would not just leave a hospital after giving birth and go and do an interview to press that have been waiting 9 months to get a glimpse of this bundle of joy! The stress and pressure William and Catherine must of been under as a new family must of been unbelievable, and I bet they probably just wanted to exit through the back door!

Little things were picked up on, the car seat not being in properly, the baby being strapped in was all wrong. Catherine, what she was wearing, how she looked (beautiful by the way!) Just goes to show that the stereotypical celebrity saying of “in my size 6″s the day after is definitely not cool anymore! Are you trying to make them feel like bad parents on day 1! Seriously!

I honestly think we should leave them alone, I know they are there in the “spotlight” William is our future King. I think we should let them enjoy this moment, let them learn about parenthood in there own way. The press don’t need to tell them what they are doing wrong. Yes I want to know every detail about this little prince but unfortunately I won’t find out. I will just have to follow all the good stuff and ignore all the bad stuff that is said.

William and Catherine come across as a really genuine couple and I think thats why they are loved so much. They let the media see them on tours and are open when asked questions from the press and public whilst doing engagements. I think thats how the media should keep it. Stop this niggling of bad stuff (I will choose to ignore the bad stuff as I really do think its petty rubbish!) and keep it nice and simple just how we all like it.

♥ Mummy Heart’s You ♥


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  1. August 1, 2013 / 4:24 pm

    I found them on Pinterest so I don’t actually have the recipe myself. I would make a standard banoffee pie recipe and put them in pretty glasses 🙂

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