Lovin It Monday

Welcome to my first link up! I am slightly nervous as to how this is going to go as there as so many great link up’s out there and I am thinking will this work and will people join in, well lets see? if not, I gave it a shot!

So my first lovin it… is….

Casseroles slightly weird now spring is in the air, but this is the only thing that has got me through the winter! I love casseroles and they are so easy to make, you just need one pot, a load of veg and some meat (preferably not horse). I try and make one casserole a week and last week it was sausages. Moo’s favourite is beef. The thing I love about casseroles is you can put them in the oven or slow cooker and forget about them, best way to cook!

2013-02-27 16.52.13

2013-02-27 16.52.23

2013-02-27 16.53.30

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