Its Not Always About The Name…

When people ask you where you live and you reply with that dull tone of


They tend to put you in a stereotypical box and assume you want to be an extra of TOWIE (which I am ashamed to say I am quite partial to watch). Ive lived the majority of my life and have finally settled back to my birth town in a little village nestled just outside of the M25 with close amenities to such places like the Dartford Crossing, for easy access to Bluewater Shopping or even closer Lakeside. I am also very fortunate to be surrounded by fields and fields, so it actually feels like I am in the middle of nowhere, with one village shop and 2 village pubs which we tend to take a stroll down to in the summer.

With it being a tiny village there is nothing really to do for the children so we have to get in the car to do things. There is a small park but it can get very busy.

One Thing I love about Essex is their beautiful country parks. In total they have 8 and I love to spend spring days walking through the woods with the children. We are very lucky that the one closet to us has a very special hunt that has been laid on. A few years ago The Gruffalo was carved out of an old tree and slowly all the other characters have been made and spread out over the forest for children and parents to find. Its such a great activity ( another post coming up!)

Last year as a family we had a day out to Hadleigh Castle we flew kites, played cricket and ate ourselves silly as the summer drew to a close and this year I am definitely going back. The views were amazing!

My favourite place of all time in Essex has to be Leigh-On-Sea. I love to walk down to the little beach and sit there with the children in the summer, and eat chips followed by a cheeky ice-cream! Ive fond memories form last year of going and hopefully with match them this year.

These are just some of my favourite places in Essex. People are very stereotypical and should really look deeper than the tanned legs and red lipstick and look at the real beauty Essex has to offer.



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