Induction Into Big School #1

Do you ever just want time to stop? Being a parent its all I ever wish for. When Moo started school, I was upset, I was scared and I was heartbroken I was waving her off at the school gates. But I had H at home to keep me company, to keep me busy. Last year, H started play school and although I secretly liked the 3 hour break, I was a bit lost in that free time I had.

Me and H have a few little things we like to do, nothing major. Little things we did that became regular. This week it hit me that  those little things will now come to an end because, it won’t be 3 hours he is away for, it will be a full day.

This week I took H off to “big” school. I was worried he would not actually walk away from me, but he did, he ran in fact. I have been sitting and worrying that he isn’t ready, but I actually think he maybe.

I had to take H to an induction, one of four this week. It was pretty standard and although I sat in the hall the whole time, I still felt upset, that he had just wandered off with all his friends and played in the reception garden. He is pretty familiar with the school so I think that makes it easier on him to actually go.

The inductions are a process to get them settled and although I stay with him for three out of the four, I am dreading the forth. He will stay there all morning, right through till lunch time, when I return and have a school meal with him. He is so small, Moo seemed so much older than her 4 year old self when she started, H just seems so little and vulnerable to be going. Its hard to let go.

He is so excited about going, and although that is a positive sign, I can’t tell how he will be in September. He met his teacher and I am really happy with who it is. H seemed to like him too and when ever he sees him in the playground he always says, “is that him mummy? my teacher?”

We have another 3 inductions to attend and I am hoping after the 4th I will be a little more settled with my boy starting big school!



  1. June 7, 2015 / 6:26 pm

    *hugs* I know it’s really hard for you but your boy seems to be more than ready for it, in fact he seems to be rather excited by the whole prospect! You need to be strong and brave for him now.xx

    • June 7, 2015 / 6:27 pm

      Oh I know, it took me by surprise more than anything! He actually doesn’t want to return to playschool now he has tested big school! Haha! Thanks for your lovely comment xx

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