Induction Into Big School #1

Do you ever just want time to stop? Being a parent its all I ever wish for. When Moo started school, I was upset, I was scared and I was heartbroken I was waving her off at the school gates. But I had H at home to keep me company, to keep me busy. Last year, H started play school and although I secretly liked the 3 hour break, I was a bit lost in that free time I had.

Me and H have a few little things we like to do, nothing major. Little things we did that became regular. This week it hit me that Β those little things will now come to an end because, it won’t be 3 hours he is away for, it will be a full day.

This week I took H off to “big” school. I was worried he would not actually walk away from me, but he did, he ran in fact. I have been sitting and worrying that he isn’t ready, but I actually think he maybe.

I had to take H to an induction, one of four this week. It was pretty standard and although I sat in the hall the whole time, I still felt upset, that he had just wandered off with all his friends and played in the reception garden. He is pretty familiar with the school so I think that makes it easier on him to actually go.

The inductions are a process to get them settled and although I stay with him for three out of the four, I am dreading the forth. He will stay there all morning, right through till lunch time, when I return and have a school meal with him. He is so small, Moo seemed so much older than her 4 year old self when she started, H just seems so little and vulnerable to be going. Its hard to let go.

He is so excited about going, and although that is a positive sign, I can’t tell how he will be in September. He met his teacher and I am really happy with who it is. H seemed to like him too and when ever he sees him in the playground he always says, “is that him mummy? my teacher?”

We have another 3 inductions to attend and I am hoping after the 4th I will be a little more settled with my boy starting big school!

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