I have never been that confident. I was never the outspoken type at school and if I was to walk in to a room full of people I didn’t know I would shy away to the corner and find it extremely difficult to fit in and join the conversation. I always knew G and H would not be one of those confident kids. G tends to shy away from anything that involves standing up or talking out load. Don’t get me wrong, she is pretty confident around family and really does come into her own but when it comes to school and extra curricular activities she struggles to be herself.

The main confidence issue we have is swimming. I am not entirely sure where it stemmed from as she was a natural at it and she has always loved the water. She tried her best each week and would make me so proud. Before the summer she had a blip and I think that is where the issue started. She was always so good on her back but one lesson she went a little too far and her face got covered with a wave of water and she started chocking. She was in shock and ever since then she has not swam on her back since.


We have had weekly battles in trying to get her to swim, but every week has resulted in a meltdown and every week has become a countdown to swimming. I spoke with her teacher and she said that she would try and get her to do it. This resulted in a firm decision from G to give up. She didn’t want to even contemplate getting in the water. It so hard as I didn’t want her getting worked up, I didn’t want her panicking and stressing, but I wanted her to continue with it. Swimming is one of the activities I want both children to enjoy and learn.

We had a week off, and we decided to try a different evening, to stop doing lengths and maybe go back to half lengths of the pool. G still wasn’t entirely enthralled about it but I was persistent and so was her teacher. It was important to me that she carried on.

Something amazing happened last week, G got in the water, swam on her back WITHOUT a float {which bearing in mind she can do, and has been doing for a long time} without any tears and all the while smiling the whole time. I am not entirely sure what happened, where this confidence boost came from but she did it. Not only was I amazed but her teacher was too and it took us both by surprise. Considering it took a lot of talking to G before hand to even get her there!

I am really to sure where these bout of confidence came from, but I am so glad I stuck with it. She was really scared about going back and I was on the brink of cancelling the swimming lessons because of it and trying again later on in the year, but she now wants to carry on, which is so amazing as its all I have ever wanted, to see her swimming with a smile on her face with the confidence I knew deep down was there..

My girl, somehow, found the confidence to carry on…


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