You know that feeling of euphoria that you get when something amazing happens? That feeling of excitement and the feeling that you could burst at any given second… I had that on Wednesday, only for it to be taken away with a telephone call.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will now by know we are in the process of moving. Moving from a 2 bed flat into a lovely 3 bed home with a garden. Its been a rocky 7 months. We put our flat on the market in February, only for it to sell within a matter of weeks. We had 3 months of struggles with our buyer so we pulled out and accepted another off the same day. We were hoping that it would be a quick sale as our new buyer was ready, ready as can be!

Another four months have gone and still we are waiting. The stress is over bearing and we are currently in box heaven.

Rewind to Monday of last week. We were ready to sign on that very precious dotted line. We did and we waited. A few things still needed tying up, so we expected to be waiting at least another week. Fast forward to Wednesday, a call from our estate agent telling us we were ready to go, cue, screaming from me, jumping up and down, spinning the kids around until they were dizzy. We were set to exchange contracts on Friday {Yesterday|}

It was a painful wait from Wednesday till Friday. We started “officially” packing only to be told at 3pm it wouldn’t be happening. I am gutted, we now have to wait, wait till Monday to find out whats going on. Its not fallen through *thank god* The exchange just didn’t happen. I am a bit bewildered by it all and I am sat here feeling massively deflated. We wanted to be in 3 months ago. I wanted to give the children the garden they have longed for this summer.

Moving is not nice, its stressful, puts strain on your relationship, its the only thing you talk about and its the only thing I am thinking about.

I feel let down and I feel fed up. I know it could only be a few more weeks but those few more weeks seem like a lifetime away for me…


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  1. cariemay
    August 4, 2014 / 10:21 am

    Oh no! Fingers crossed it’s just a very teeny tiny short delay

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