Auntie Duties… New Baby Means, New Crochet Project!

This week has been an exciting week. Good news fell and my new project can start.

My sister is pregnant!

My lovely, kind, gorgeous sister is pregnant with her 2nd baby and I am so ecstatic for her. I have known for some time now and keeping it a secret has been a task in its self!

She has set me a very special task, and an important job, which I have 6 months to complete. 2 weeks ago, we packed Moo of to school and we took ourselves of  to hobby craft where we piled the basket full with wool.

photo 2

A few months ago, my sister said to me that if and when she fell pregnant she wanted me to make her a blanket, I feel pretty honoured and slightly scared about the whole thing! Its my second major project and the first project I started I am yet to finish! I will finish this one though, I have too!

photo 1

I have started a few rounds already and the colours are grey, yellow, and white. I love it already and cannot wait for it to be finished.

photo 3

So my blanket has been put on hold for this special little bundle, which of course I am totally fine with. I have half a blanket to keep me warm whilst I concentrate on this one!

I will post regular updates on how the blanket is going!

Mummy Hearts You

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