Another Year Passes…

Today the hubs turned 32. Numbers do not really bother me, but today it does. I met him 10 years ago and I knew straight away he would be the one. There was something about him, that I just loved and soon enough I fell hook line and sinker for him.

Every birthday that passes {either mine or his} I have never really been affected by it, but today I feel glum. I feel sad that we are over the 20’s stage and heading down to the 40 stage {we still have a few years to go yet, but the thought is there!} Its made worse with the fact Moo managed to get herself into one hell of a pickle about us getting older. Constantly saying she really doesn’t want us to get old and getting upset by it. I don’t ever remember being like this when I was younger.

Age doesn’t bother me, the thought of getting old bothers me. The thought of becoming forgetful and not remembering who I am bothers me {although that may not happen! I may get old gracefully!}

I think this is the start of feeling grumpy and miserable on birthdays. Its bad enough on Moo’s and H’s birthdays, they seem to come round really quickly. But Mine and the hubs birthdays? When did that ever effect me? When did a number really bother me? Today… Today it hit me hard, that we are getting older and one day it will be over, and Moo and H will have to continue alone.. It breaks my heart to think that..

Hopefully its not just me that thinks these thoughts, these insane worries that happen once a year {and this is the first year its happened to me!}Hopefully its just the fact I am dwelling on getting older and its not going to be a common occurrence in my thoughts!



  1. October 2, 2014 / 2:29 pm

    Ah lovely, I think its natural to think like this. I don’t necessarily think like this on my birthday’s but I do worry a lot about the what if’s and the thought of leaving my family behind. 32 is very young though, you don’t need to be worrying about old age just yet! I know the feeling about the children getting older though, it makes me sad each time another birthday rolls around! x

    • October 2, 2014 / 3:32 pm

      It’s nearing Moo’s sixth birthday which I cannot get my head round so my feelings are heightens I think! It’s so weird getting older {obviously not that old ;)}

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