Acorrding To The Weatherman…

I was supposed to wake to a beautiful blanket of snow… It was supposed to snow from 12 noon yesterday all the way through till tonight, but there is not a snowflake in sight! That sits with me fine as the husband is working all weekend and battling two toddlers in the cold snow could be rather stressful! The forecast predicts “heavy” snowfalls from 11am today and its to continue for a few hours. I am sure when I was little its snowed so much it came to my knees, why cant it snow like that now! Thats how I like the snow, not like the few centimetres we get, I want to be snowed in, so we cant go anywhere, so the husband cant go to work, so he can take a proper snow day, a snow day thats worth taking, not because he can’t be bothered to de-ice the van, or would rather sit at home and watch the snow fall.Depending on How much it snows, I may take the kiddos out in it later this afternoon!



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