A Little Pick Me Up…

So, Sunday was the day it all happened. Sunday was the day I was getting these little beauties. It never happened obviously! So yesterday the postman delivered those little beauties to my front door. I was a bit wary about purchasing them online as I was worried about the fit, but I managed with the help of the husband to get them on, and they are perfect! I kept them on, as I couldn’t take them off. This morning I had to take a trip to the doctors to pick up more pain killers and it was a bit wet outside, I got to wear them out!! Oh the excitement just over a pair of wellingtons! It took me a while to wander over there small movements hurt the back and all, and it was the first attempt out. I got back and ended up on the sofa with my other new *read old* bestie, the hot water bottle…


hot water bottle


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  1. February 5, 2013 / 7:18 am

    Thank you! I had my eye on this colour for a while, I had not seen them before. Typically I wore them round to the play school and another mum had the same pair on! *disaster!* I keep willing the british weather to rain constantly bit its failing me and it remains to stay dry…

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