Birthday Wishlist {H's 4th Birthday}

In just over 3 weeks my little three year old will be turning four… For the past few months H has been shouting out at every advert and declaring “I want that, I want that, for my birthday!” Its been going on for some time and I just hope we have it right!

I think this year, he will do pretty well out of us, grand-parents, aunts and uncles! He is still obsessed with trains and although we have tried to stay clear of them, he has got one play-set coming his way.. I think he would be devastated if he didn’t receive at least one train! The rest are things he has been asking for, and I guess there is a pattern forming! The husband is rather chuffed to be seeing the back of trains and getting some more “fun” toys into the mixture!


paw patrol fire engine // hulk dress up hands // turtle half-shell hero’s “baddies” // talking hulk // jurassic world lego // iron man mash-up // turtle half shell hero’s // paw patrol // hulk costume // minion {banana!} // spider-man mash-up // turtles half-shell hero’s van

I think what he has chosen is a good mixture, he is becoming more into marvel {Hulk mainly!} and The Turtles! I am loving these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Half-Shell Hero toys! I am sure he is going to love them..

So in a few weeks time I am sure we will have a very happy four year old!

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