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A Little Pick Me Up…

A Little Pick Me Up…

So, Sunday was the day it all happened. Sunday was the day I was getting these little beauties. It never happened obviously! So yesterday the postman delivered those little beauties to my front door. I was a bit wary about purchasing them online as I […]

Things I Have Learnt…

Things I Have Learnt…

There are several things I have learnt the last few days… I hate waiting (I always have, but waiting in the hospital just clarified that, WHY, do they say, you can be discharged, then leave you for another 40 minutes while they dilly dally around […]

Anniversary Mayhem!

Anniversary Mayhem!

So it was our anniversary weekend! We went out for a meal and it was lovely, we left feeling stuffed! The husband announced I could get the boots I had been after for ages (these) So we decided that Sunday we would go out and get them, and then go to the woods with the kids and wear them in!

Sunday was a lazy morning, we packed the car, oh so excited to get my Hunter wellies finally and Moo was excited for her McDonalds lunch! and then for some stomping fun in the woods, I said the husband as we approached a roundabout

What a relaxing morning we have had, its been lovely

Then, BANG.

Immediately I flung forward and hit my head on the head rest,Thor started crying, so I lept out, to check him, the pain was searing down my neck. The driver who hit us, ran over to me and told me to sit down, called an ambulance and we waited. When they arrived they checked me over, I was in a lot of pain, Thor had stopped crying and Moo looked on anxiously, they eventually moved them and the husband into the back of the ambulance as I didn’t want them to see me. I had to be put on a stretcher, the called for Fire service back up, for me to be cut out WOAH! I refused and told them in no uncertain terms were they cutting open my car!

I have 6 months left on it till I finish paying! No Way!!

We managed to have  little banter, and all the crew found it rather amusing about my Hunter story

You need to go to hospital Madam,

No! I can’t

Why? Where were you going?


Getting anything nice?

Yes, My husband promised me some Hunter wellies see.. Its my anniversary

OOOO lovely! Happy anniversary!

Yes, I wont be getting them now though will I?

Erm No.. You Need to go to hospital..


Cue tears from the 29 year old women!

We got out, I see the husband, give him a kiss and wish him a..

Happy Anniversary! This is one we shall never forget!

I went to hospital in the back on the ambulance, strapped to the bed, I felt sick, looking at the sky being jolted this way and that way.

When we arrived at the hospital they then said

Oh….. the coat….

I shout so load I make them jump

NO NO NO!!! Don’t you dare….. No, you see, my husband promised me some Hunter wellies, if you cut  this of, thats it, i wont get them, he will then decided the Hunter wellies are not needed, a coat is needed, so DO.NOT.CUT.THE.COAT.OFF

We are sorry but the coat needs to come off, and there is no other way.

Roll me, get the coat off, do what ever it takes.

We get the coat off, and it was excruciating, but I don’t need to but a new one so I am happy! The husband arrives and the nurse says he must buy me those Hunter wellies! It was now time for the x-ray,

Just a few questions, are you pregnant?


Are you wearing a bra?



Im in a all in one? crap!

Its ok I thought, one of the underwire bits was already out, so I will just take the other one out, easy. Nurse comes in with scissors.

Please don’t cut the thing off, do you realise how expensive these are? they hold me in!

Don’t worry lovely, first the coat now this, Don’t worry! we will get it off!

It came out no problems and the husband managed to eventually take the whole thing off over my legs, so actually the underwire didn’t really need to come out but never mind! A long afternoon in hospital on my back and a few x-rays later I am sent home with some bruised ligaments, torn muscles, sore neck and  back and a bag of pills. I am just pleased it was not worse and the kiddos were not injured!

It will definitely be one anniversary I will not forget in a hurry!

And yes I will be getting those Hunter Wellington boots VERY soon!

Being An Egg Isn’t All Its Cracked Up To Be…

Being An Egg Isn’t All Its Cracked Up To Be…

My shopping was delivered this morning, as the delivery driver hauled the several hundred shopping bags up the stairs (2nd floor flat! – saves me hauling them up the stairs!) she gives me a bag Your eggs madam, they managed to survive the trip Great! […]

The 4°Clock Dance Rule…

The 4°Clock Dance Rule…

The winter months are always a struggle for me, not because of the cold, just because of the husbands work hours. I cant complain to much, some people don’t see there husbands for months on end due to there work. But the summer months I […]

Some Thing I love #3

Some Thing I love #3

Some thing I read: I fall hook line and sinker EVERY week for the trashy magazines, I don’t know why I do it, but I do, I guess its a guilty pleasure! So this week I read OK!

Some thing I watched: Ever since the CBeebies christmas panto Moo has wanted to watch it on repeat! Its getting on my nerves a bit now as its not christmas anymore and I actually now know it word for word!

Some thing I wore: My Cuddle Cowl to keep me warm in the cold weather!


Some thing I cannot live without: The cold weather has really played havoc with my hands, and I have struggled this year to find a hand cream that helps, but I have managed to find one finally! Garnier Hand Intensive 7 days Hand Cream SOS Repair, Its FAB! 1359049411

Some thing I listened to: It one of those songs that you hear once and you think, its just a beautiful song, but when you find out who sings it your so embarrassed you like it its something your teen daughter would be asking to go and and see! (not that I have a teenager yet!) But I really do like this song! not so much the band…..

So What are your Some Thing I love? Please comment in the comment box with a link to your blog with you Somethings I Love post, I would love to know!

The Near Death Of Flopsy…

The Near Death Of Flopsy…

Moo has a teddy, a rabbit in fact, it was a lovely pink rabbit when it was new but now its a tatty ole thing. It goes everywhere with her, even if its not attached to her, it has to still be there, whether it […]

New Book…

New Book…

Ive started a new book “You had me at hello” by Mhairi McFarlane. So far its good. Its the type of book I go for. I am guessing its like “One Day” by David Nicholls. I loved One Day, the film not so much, but […]

6 Years!!! Where Has The Time Gone…

6 Years!!! Where Has The Time Gone…

This weekend me and the husband are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary! We are going out… Having a date night… Whit Woo!…. Child free! The husbands parents are coming over and looking after them and we are going out and having dinner, we are going out and having a meal together without shouting at children to eat theirs up, or to sit still, or to behave at the table… I CANT WAIT! Last year I tried a curry for the first time, in all the 29 years I have been alive… yes its a shocker! It was most undoubtedly the worst thing I could of possibly done, because I now love a curry and at every opportunity I am pestering the husband to get a takeaway, most times it results in a firm NO! so I end up having to make it! But Saturday we are dining out in the ole family favourite curry house which I am yet to try out! Its not often I go out but when I do, I get oh so excited!

Can You Believe It!

Can You Believe It!

I love Twitter, and I am finally getting the hang of it! Can you believe it though, just as I am getting the hang of it and building up my social networking, it all goes pear shaped and all goes wrong! I really don’t know […]