As a parent all I do is seem to worry.. There is always something there I can worry about..

I worry all the time.

I worry that Moo is not confident.

I worry that she worries.

I worry about friendship groups.

I worry about their health.

 I worry that H is starting school this year and leaving behind the comfort of play-school.

I worry that he may not get his first choice of school.

I worry that he will struggle at school.

I worry that they will not always rely on me.

I worry that one day they will leave me.

I worry that one day I won’t be here for them.

I worry that on the bad days they look at me and think I am rubbish at being their mummy.

I worry that I am not good at being a mummy.

Being a parent is a constant worry… One thing passes and you think, great! I don’t need to worry now, but then something else will come and overtake that previous worry and barge right in and take over.

All I do is worry… Thats normal right?!

4 thoughts on “Worry…”

  • I can definitely relate to this. I worry all the time, I am generally quite an anxious person but I worry most about weird things- like I panic about the news and all this terrorism threat at the moment and I panic about taking them on planes etc. I hate it but I think that it’s quite common. x

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