From the moment you find out your pregnant till the moment of when-ever, parenthood is a worry.

From the early stages of pregnancy you are worried, you worry about the ifs and buts. The you worry about the birth, then the worries that come with a new baby and so-on.

The worries do not stop! Moo started school a few weeks ago, and me thinking all was fine health wise set her packing! I got a letter stating that a school nurse would be doing health checks and would I would happy for Moo to have hers done, I was fine with this.

Friday I got a call, all was not fine! Moo could not see. I was shocked. Moo never mentioned anything to me about not being able to see anything, I thought her eyesight was perfectly fine. She could read letters normally pick out pictures from afar. I was a little shocked so I quickly phoned the optician to get her an appointment and I managed to get one for that evening.

I sat in the room with Moo whilst she carried out the eye examination and to say I was horrified at the results was an understatement. Her left eye was perfect, she managed to pick out all the letters and diagrams. Her right eye on the other hand was poor. I was wiling her to say the name of the pictures, but she just wouldn’t. This panicked me. I felt guilty that I had not picked it up.

The outcome was that Moo would have to wear glasses. Not the best outcome, and one that has taken me a while to get my head round. I am a glasses wearer and I do find them irritating and  I just didn’t want to have to have my children wear them, but I think it was inevitable that they would.

The good news is that by sorting it out now it can correct her eye, so all is not doom and gloom. Moo seems pretty impressed she has to wear them but I think the novelty will wear off!

The opticians were fantastic and really were helpful and made Moo feel welcome and at ease. She was slightly nervous about the whole thing, especially when she had to have some drops in her eyes. But she persisted and managed to be rewarded with a huge sticker!

So this is just another worry for me along the journey of parenthood, and another guilt trip that I didn’t pick it up myself! But its done now and hopefully it will correct itself with the glasses!

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  1. mummydaddyme
    October 7, 2013 / 11:11 pm

    It definitely is a constant worry. I am glad they got Moos sight looked at sooner so hopefully it won’t cause her too many problems in the future. X

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