This time last year I was preparing for H’s last day at play school. I was told today by TimeHop that it was in fact his last week and we would be saying goodbye to all his friends and teachers for the six weeks holidays before he started big school. I was in denial and kept saying that he was no where near ready to head into reception.

How wrong was I! When H started school he went in with no trouble and he has strived throughout the year. He adores his teacher and teaching assistant {I do too!} and has learnt so much within the year. He can sound out the whole alphabet phonically, read, write, sound and put letters together to make words, count to 100 and beyond. I am astounded that he has done so well.

But, I have the same fears I did, this time last year, I have the same worries that he just isn’t ready for year one. I met his teacher last week and although I am slightly nervous in general as she is an NQT {newly qualified teacher} she really put me at ease, she was so lovely and told me that its was normal to feel like this, she told me that she had lots of ideas for next year and although this will be her first class since qualifying, it seemed and sounded like she had been teaching years! She seemed so confident and I think it helps that she too has young children so she can relate to us worried mummies!

H is excited about moving to year one, so excited he wants to go there NOW! He doest realise he has a whole six weeks to get through before heading back to school! and he also doesn’t realise that there is more work and less play in year one! That could cause a few problems when he finally does realises! He has grown up so much within the last year, and his personality has really come out since starting school. He has shown so much potential within the first year and he really could not make me prouder. I just need to stop worrying and let H get on with it, because deep down I know he is ready, I just don’t want to admit.




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