When Mother Instinct Kicks In…

Last weekend H turned 4 {a whole different post about feelings and what not will be up soon!} He was oh-so-excited and to celebrate we decided to host a BBQ… Every so often we meet up with Mr B’s family for a pizza/curry night and as it was H’s birthday on Monday we decided to host. After a lot of thinking we decided instead of a curry we would do a BBQ.. It was such a lovely day, children every where and playing together. It’s not very often we all get together so it was nice…

It was quite a late night and with both Moo and H tired from all the shenanigans they fell asleep instantly about 9:30pm. I had a busy evening ahead building the new Jurassic Park Lego which took me right up to about 10:30. I was so tired, as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep. I woke with a start, thinking the foxes outside were making quite a lot of noise, I then realised it wasn’t the foxes and Mr B confirmed it was H.. I quickly went into to see if he was ok and was quite shocked with what I saw. H was grasping for air and really struggling with breathing. It felt really weird and mother instinct kicked in, something was definitely not right. I tried to talk to H but because he was struggling with his breathing he couldn’t talk back, he couldn’t cry and he just was not right. I grabbed my phone and called 999, whilst on the phone the rapid response team arrived and instantly said this doesn’t look right. H was put on a nebuliser and was In and out of sleep, it had taken so much out of him, he was just worn out. Another round of the nebuliser saw his breathing calm down and slowly coming back, but he was still using all he could to breath properly. The ambulance arrived and I was dressed and ready to go to the hospital. I was scared, Saturday night in A&E was not was I had planned. We went to get in the ambulance and H was quite sick, it was never ending and I thought is there any more?!

Once at the hospital we were ushered into the waiting room, my fears of A&E being busy were confirmed but it was actually paediatrics that was busy, not A&E itself! I was in for quite a long night. We arrived about 12:30ish and was not seen till gone 2:30.. Luckily H was so worn out he slept and I was dozing. Once the doctor had explained what had happened it all seemed a bit surreal. H was bought in with severe croup, which I had my doubts about as he has had croup before and this was not how he was it was more like a cough when he had it and this was more of a grasping for air.. It was actually an allergy to the high pollen count, which had effectively closed up his airways. I was in slight disbelief as H doesn’t suffer hay-fever at all, but since the incident I have noticed he seems to have come out in it. The pollen count has been “very high” over the last few days and to say I have been worried is a slight understatement. I worry when he is outside and I worry when he isn’t with me.

The whole incident was pretty traumatic for everyone. I am hoping it was a once off, the hospital explained that it could happen again or it may have just been a once off occurrence, but I now have the correct medication incase it happens again on standby! I am just hoping it doesn’t happen…



  1. June 20, 2015 / 9:17 am

    Oh my goodness me that is super scary poor H. I’m so glad he’s okay hon! Fingers crossed it was just a once off.xx

    • June 20, 2015 / 9:20 am

      Thank you, it’s been a week with no more incidents, so here is hoping! Still wheezy but pollen has been really high! Nothing like it was though! x

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