When In Doubt, Get It Checked Out!!….

The past few weeks Ive battled flu, I have moaned about it chronic on all social media sites and the Kiddos have suffered too, I am sure everyone was annoyed at how I was banging on about being ill all the time!

Last Sunday Was the hottest day of the year we had planned to go to the in-laws for dinner as we do every-other-week. We don’t have a garden so I was looking forward to letting the kids play out in nanny and granddad’s garden for the afternoon in the sun! I woke and said to the husband it was not a good idea I went I woke feeling terrible. He took the kiddos of and arrived back early evening.

The day went by a blur, I slept most of it and went to bed early. Monday morning I woke early only to be worse, I really didn’t feel right, I had been sick which prompted me to make an appointment with the doctor. I didn’t expect them to do much, I expected them to turn me away and say, you just have a bad bout of flu, but in fact her first words were, gosh you look terrible! Sit down let me examine you!

I could barely open my eyes, I was sweating from head to toe and I could barely breath. My chest felt as though it was about to cave in. I left with a strong course of antibiotics and the diagnosis of Pneumonia! and under strict instructions of, if I did’t feel better within 24 hours of taking the first 3 antibiotics, I was to be admitted to hospital.

I managed to get home and collapsed on the sofa, when I got my energy back I made my way back to bed and thats where I stayed for the next few days, only getting out for a few snippets through out the day.

I honestly thought it was just a bad bout of flu, I am so glad I made the decision to go to the doctors. If I had left it any longer I would have had to been admitted to hospital and that would of been my worst nightmare, the best doctor has to be my husband! He has been a legend, looking after me and the children!

So the moral of my tale, is when in doubt, get it checked out!


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