Whats In My Bag… {The Essentials!}

Ive wanted to do a post like this for a while, so when Turo {Formerly RelayRides} contacted me and asked me what my must have travel essentials were. RelayRides is all about trying to make traveling easier and more affordable by offering airport rental cars in addition to their standard service.

I thought I could put a twist on it {purely because Ive not been away in a few years!!} So before I leave the house I always make sure the following are in my bag! Ive had a good rummage threw mine and here is what I have found!


First and for most is my most important possession {other than my children of course!} I take my phone everywhere and if its not in my hand/pocket its in my bag!


Ive recently put a diary in my bag, even though I have iCal on my phone, sometimes I like it written down. Moo has so many dates/parties and school events I need to keep track of!


Purely for me!


Why is it that no matter how hard you do to keep you bag tidy you always end up with a fistful of receipts? Most of the time they are months old too! Ive recently decluttered the receipts from my bag, but I am sure in a a matter of weeks I will have another handful ready to be thrown!


Obviously this is going to be in mosts peoples bag? Whats a bag with out a purse?

Then of course the child accessories I end up lugging around!


I always take juice, there is always one child that wants a drink. If Im popping out to a supermarket, its guaranteed one child will ask for juice!


For those sticky situations. I always have a pack in the boot of the car anyway but its always handy to have a small pack in your bag.

Fruit Flakes/Bear Fruit Rolls

I normally bribe my children “if your good you can have a snack” Most of the time it doesn’t work out that way and one way or another I loose my cool at something they have done. Its handy to have something easy to give them on the occasions I don’t though!

Spare undies 

There is always a chance little ones will have accidents! Nine times out of ten I end up with pants in my bag!

Odds and Ends

I actually found Lego in my bag! Small bits, but still lego! I also have been carrying around toy eggs {the boy is obsessed!} and kinder egg surprise toys!

Its actually quite amazing what I can fit in my bag, but I am guessing as a parent you make room for it! I didn’t realise I had some much in there until I poured it out onto the kitchen counter!

So what are your travel must haves? Would love to know what’s in your bag?


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