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Ideally I wanted this up yesterday, but due to feeling a bit poorly all day and having a busy weekend, its a day late. I have decided to to a round-up post of What We Loved throughout January and respectively at the end of each month.

This month has been a good month. We have been rather busy on the social side and most weekends have been filled with parties for G and H or celebrating big birthdays with the in-laws.

The main thing {and big thing} that happened this month was I finally went self hosted, and although I am still learning heaps about doing so, and tweaking the blog on a daily basis, its been a great jump. I feel so much better about blogging. I am looking at it in a different light now and I have so much I want to do with it. Its exciting and something that will hopefully grow more and more.

I started a new crochet project {a post will be up about it soon} I struggled to begin with and had to quit the pattern for a while, but after a break I got back to it and I am loving the new pattern. I tend to crochet in the car whilst waiting for G and H to finish school, or of a evening. Its a wonderful hobby and its definitely something I am enjoying.

January was a good month for spending time with Mr B {albeit it being because he was ill!} He had a nice long break from work due to illness and we were able to spend quality time together, even if it was just lazing on the sofa!

G has progressed so much this month with her swimming. She makes me super duper proud and I am blown away with how well she is doing. Her swimming teacher pulled her to one side on Monday and said what a good swimmer she is and its lovely that she gets the recognition. H is desperate to start but I am a little wary about him going. I worry he is too small, but its definitely something I want him to start soon.

These are just a few things I {and the rest of the mummyheartsyou household} have been loving this month, is there anything that stands out for you? What have you particularly enjoyed about January?


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