What Are We Doing Tomorrow?

Its not even 8am and I am sat here and this is the question that leaves Moo’s mouth… Its up there with Why? Are we nearly there yet? How long till we leave? and probably a dozen more one liners that children come out with..

The reason this is so annoying, is because its always asked as soon as she has got up.. The majority of time its normally asked whilst eating breakfast and its asked even before she has asked what we are doing today!

Its strange how a simple question can make your blood boil. I detest this question and no matter how many times I say, do you not want to know what we are doing today, it always results to what are we doing tomorrow? Its become compulsive..

If she doesn’t directly ask you she manages to somehow find a way of finding out what we are doing, its cunning and clever and although I do give in, she will still continually ask throughout the day as if she needs reassurance that we are definitely doing something fun! God help her if we are not!!

I seriously hope its not just my child that is so inquisitive about the following days events! Its all part of the learning process I guess and its good that she is so interested in asking questions, but when its the same over and over it can become tiresome!

One day when she is older, I guess all I will want to hear from her are those simple words what are we doing tomorrow? But for now, I wish she would listen to me the first time I answer her.. Its the perks of motherhood, and the testing of boundaries!

So whats your child’s favourite question?


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  1. cariemay
    August 4, 2014 / 9:17 am

    I get “where are we going today” but it doesn’t tend to turn into “where are we going tomorrow” until bedtime – which I think it fair enough!

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