Weekly Round-Up… #1

Its Sunday evening and I have prepped the school-wear for tomorrow, made sandwiches and have put all bags and shoes by the front door. I think Sundays are a great time to reflect on the week that has just passed, so without further ado, this is what we have got up to this week!

On Sunday, we popped out to a soft play centre, due to being stuck indoors all day on Saturday the kids were climbing the walls, so a few hours out was a warm welcome. I spent the afternoon prepping a roast dinner. Normally I would be ironing up uniform and making packed lunches, but both Moo and H were off the following day!

The Mr was back to work on Monday, and I had planned a PJ day. Although I completely forgot that Moo had swimming and my mum was due round! So I stayed in my pyjamas for most of the day and had a late shower. I prepared dinner early so once I was back from swimming I only had to pop it into the oven. Dinner was a little late as my mum and her husband got lost when I was supposed be guiding them back to mine!

With Moo back to school on Tuesday it was a little manic! I had become so slack in half term, it was one mad rush! H had an extra week off play-school so I needed to make sure we had a few things planned! First off, I was dropping H off at my sisters to be looked after by my brother in law whilst we popped out to say a final farewell to my nan. It became more surreal that she was actually gone.. Once we were done, we went back to relieve the babysitter! I had a spot of lunch and left intake to pick Moo up from school.

With Moo only being back at school a day, Wednesday bought a day off for her. Me and the hubs had my nan’s funeral, and because I didn’t want to be late for the school pick up, I made the decision to take her out of school for the day. We dropped both Moo and H off to my sister inlaws and left in plenty of time. Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic and with 2 minutes to spare we just about made it. Once the service was over we headed back for a little tea and cake. It was nice to see family members I have not seen in years. We shot back to pick up Moo and H and then headed home. I fell asleep in the car and woke just as we arrived home! Was a long day. I even went to bed at half seven, I was emotionally exhausted!

The heatwave that was predicted, swept in on Thursday and with Moo at school me and H sat in the garden. Thanks to the Mr being up really early, I managed to tidy most of the house before the school run! Impressive!! I mopped the floors and hoovered once back from dropping Moo off!  It was a lovely day and when Moo came home we all sat outside till early evening. We had our 2nd BBQ of the year too!

Moo was excited for Friday as it was her 2nd sports day. She woke early due to the thunderstorm that the weather man predicted. The rain really came down hard and I honestly thought the sports day event would be cancelled, but luckily the clouds cleared. I arrived back at school after lunch and watched Moo. She did fantastically and came top 3 in all 4 events! Her team won the event too! Better than last year as they came last! I took both Moo and H to the park after, but it then decided to rain, so it was a quick dash home.

We still had glorious weather on Saturday and spent the whole day in the garden, My arms and shoulders got the brunt of the sun and by early evening I could feel the burn.. The sun didn’t even feel that hot to be honest! Very deceiving! Mr B created a sand pit under the children’s climbing frame and they happily played in it all afternoon. Dipping into the paddling pool to cool off! A dinner of chicken kiev finished the day off nicely!

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