Every month I have decided to pop up a post all about my two. It only seems fitting considering this is a parenting blog. It’s rare that I blog about G and H specifically. I blog about how hard I find parenting and the struggles that come along with it, but not individually on how they are doing. I used to do updates every few months on how each were doing but I’ve decided to do it slightly different with how I go about the blog post. Monthly posts I feel will work better, and it’s a prompt for me to take more photos. Which is what I am lacking lately!

This month has seen G and H back at school. The start of a new term and the start of something very new to G. This term the school are sending Year 3 to swimming lessons and although G goes outside of school its ideal that she gets the extra lessons the school are offering. She was really excited to go but had a little blip when push came to shove and I struggled to settle her the morning of the first lesson. Come home time she was fine and absolutely loved it {I knew she would as she is an excellent swimmer}

H has also had a big change when it comes to school and that is a new teacher. Last term was quite stressful for H. A new teacher at the start of September didn’t work out so he ended up with a supply but this month has seen a new permanent teacher start and so far he is loving her.

Both G and H academically are doing really well and I couldn’t be prouder of them both. Outside of school both do swimming lessons and clubs at school which they both adore doing. G especially loves her Gymnastics which she does before school every Friday.

January hasn’t been a very busy month socially. H has had lots of parties to attend {4 in one week at one point!} and as G gets older the invites slow down which she isn’t overly happy about! We have met up with family of weekends and spent time with just us as a four.

Lastly G and H’s bond grows ever stronger. I love watching their relationship blossom sometimes they have days where they declare they hate each other. The majority of the time they thrive on each others company. This month we saw snow fall, something H hasn’t really seen and watching them both in the garden, snow ball fighting and laughing, big belly laughing made me melt a little. I am so glad they have each other.

These two in January have been a joy to watch.


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