There Were 3 In The Bed

And the little one said, roll over

This is my life at the moment, one little terror, constantly in my bed. He manages to worm his way into the middle of me and daddy and buries his head into my arm. Before long, daddy exits the bed and the little terror spreads out.

I remember when Moo went through this stage and I was so relieved when she finally came out of it, but this is not going to happen anytime soon with this little dude, I can see it now.

Its hard when you make the decision to let them in your bed, but I am no good with no sleep, so I would much prefer to have him in the bed than to be up and down all night trying to settle him. But then the regret slips in and I feel bad that I have done it.

He is by now used to waking in the early hours and hazily finding his way to our bedroom. Rather than having two awake we just let him, but it means Mr B has to give up his bed! Last night was a bit drastic in the fact I ended up going to bed with him. He just wouldn’t settle and I gave in and went to bed. I may be building a rod for my own back here, but anything for a simple life! I am really no good on little sleep!

Now sometimes I secretly like it, I love the fact he snuggles into me for comfort and he rests his little hand on me all night. I love the fact sometimes he cups my face with one hand and slowly drifts off. His slow breathing sending me of to sleep.

I don’t like the fact he sucks his thumb and the constant squeaking drives me mad.. I detest that he has to bring a companion along with him, wether it be a teddy, lego, a train, or some other toy he has found along the way. I really do not find the 6am wake up calls much fun either, stroking my face and silently whispering in my ear “mummy, can we go downstairs now”

It was roughly this age that Moo went through this stage and we got through it in the end, but it was hard work! It was a long drawn out process and one that I fully took blame for. If I didn’t let them in, in the first place, I wouldn’t be having this moan, but its for sanity reasons I do it!


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