The Wish Can Finally Be Granted

Ever since Moo could talk she has only ever wished for 3 things, stairs, a garden and a cat. Because we live in a flat we couldn’t give her all those 3 things. We did relent and get a cat that needed rehoming but we couldn’t give her, her final 2 wishes.

Last month we were driving home and the husband just flippantly said “I wonder how much that house is on the market for” It took me by surprise and 2 days later we decided to go for it and put our loving, comforting home of 7 years up for sale.

This was not the first time we had tried, we had tried and failed miserably several times. I was excited about this new venture, but deep down scared that we wouldn’t be able to get out and give our children the garden they both now pined for.

4 viewing and two weeks on, we accepted an offer and found our family home. The process is so stressful at the moment, with only us and our buyer in the chain we are hoping for a quick move.

Although stressed, I am so so excited about our next venture as a family. I adore the house we are hopefully {if all goes through ok} going to move to and make our family home. Its HUGE compared to what we have now. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms {one downstairs!} a separate kitchen from the lounge, a conservatory on the back and a adequate sized garden, and most importantly a driveway! We are already making plans on what we will do to the garden as currently its concrete heaven and that will all need ripping up.

I have dreamed about this moment for years and finally its becoming a reality. I will be so sad to leave this little {no pun intended} flat of ours. Its the home we have bought two wonderful children back to. Its the home that holds so many memories of babies growing into toddlers. Babies learning new things, taking first steps up the hallway. Its the home that has been the venue for birthday parties {trust me its a hard push trying to fit in 14 adults and 11 children into the tiny pokey lounge!} But its the home that we created and it shall continue into our new home.

I will of course not stop stressing until we are in our new home. We have a long road ahead of us, but finally I can say

WE HAVE A HOUSE {subject to contract and all!}

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