The Weekend The Boy Turned 2…

Its gone by so quickly, and I actually cannot believe I now have a four year old and a 2 year old!

We had been watching the weather with keen interest all week, we were hoping for nice blue skies and bright sunshine, but you cannot have everything! We in fact got damp miserable wet weather which ruined out fun of outdoor activities. We had stocked up on outdoor golf and rocket shooters and a huge bubble machine. But much to our regret at 1.30 pm just as we were about to make the move to transport all the cakes adn treats downstairs to the communal gardens the heavens opened and flooded the green green grass we were about to set ourselves upon.

We quickly sent out a text to say make your way upstairs and ran around trying to set up the party, hid all the toys, so no fights could be carried out and opened the teeny tiny flat we call our home to 8 hyped up children and 11 adults! Gone were the outdoor toys and the bunk-bed kept the kids entertained as well as pass the parcel and cakes galore.

Thor was spoilt rotten, receiving a homemade Brio train-track form Mummy and Daddy with some Thomas trains, a knights castle and battle field set from both sets of grand-parents and aunties, and then a wooden work bench so he can fix things from his other set of aunties! He also got some money which he got an Iron-man figure and some trolls and dragons for the castle.

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage1

He loves his train track and the thomas trains and carries them everywhere, Moo likes the castle and we bought her some fairy models to help save the knights from the baddies!

Its been a great weekend, and although the rain put a dampener on the party plans it worked out well in the end and the boy had fun and thats all that matters. He was so tired on Saturday night he managed to fall asleep by the time I had got to the bedroom door!

Another birthday down, another party done!

♥ Mummy Heart’s You ♥



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