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A few weeks ago I was asked to test out the new Weekend Box with G and H. This week we were able to test it out and the simple things really are the best. On opening up the box I was really surprised that they literally supply everything you need {minus the scissors!} It was packed with two activities for G and H to complete and in this box it was filled with a creative art task and a get dirty in the garden activity. It was perfect as I have one creative arty little girl and a boy who loves getting his hands dirty in the mud!


We started with the garden activity, we were going to be planting seeds. The Weekend Box gave perfect step by step instructions on how to do the activity and whilst I busied myself cutting the the bottle for the pot both G and H were quite amazed as they watched the pellets soak up the water. Luckily there were two seeds in the back so both G and H got to bury them into the newly built plant pot which had been made out of a water bottle! Every day I get questions about those two little seeds and how long will it take them to grow! It was definitely a fun activity to do and judging by the smiles G and H thoroughly enjoyed it too.


The second activity was right up G’s street. It was to make a parrot mask! I let her take control. She read the instructions step by step and only asking for my help to cut out the eyes she completed it all. H helped to pass over the card and objects.



The box comes apart and you can cut out a little certificate that says you completed the Weekend Box. Your child can colour this in with the crayons provided. Completion stickers are also provided which is always good when you have two sticker mad children!

Once we finished I ask G her opinion on the box and she said she loved it, she loved making the mask and cannot wait to wear it. She also said that she cannot wait to see what grows and to be honest I can’t either!

These really are fun little boxes packed full of great ideas. If you are interested in them and would like to try them out then I have a special code for you to get your first Weekend Box for free, just add this code at the checkout ANNAMARIE310 when you sign up at the weekendboxclub I hope you have as much fun as we did!


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