The Weather…

Last week we saw the hottest day of the year. Double figures, bear in mind we only managed to reach 15°c but from a cold 2°c that was hot!

I managed to walk round the play school in a thin cardigan, vest top, jeans and  flat pumps. Everyone I passed had that pleasant happy cheery look about them and it was all down to the sun! Spring we thought was on its way…

This morning I wake to a flurry of snow on the ground, I am currently looking out my window at a blizzard. Thick Snow flakes are falling. My hoody is on, my Hunters are ready to do the play school run. It is currently 1°c outside, and  I feel safer and warmer indoors! I don’t want to battle the elements of the weather.

Every time I look outside the snow flakes seem to be falling thicker and faster. I am wondering if spring is ever going to arrive….

 ♥ Cherry Blossom Rain 


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