The View From The Shard…

Yesterday I was taken hostage by a friend and we went to London for the day. Last year he won a Red Letter Day and originally it was for a racing day but he swapped it for lunch and the The View From The Shard. We have been talking about this for at least 6 months and finally the day arrived!

I have to admit I was rather excited as:

  1. I am with the children 24/7 and it would just be nice to get some “me” time
  2. Ive not been to London in years and its changed so much!

We arrived at Fenchurch Street and walked as Im not a fan of the underground, never have been and I tend to panic and get a bit nervous about being underground! We stopped along the way for lots of pictures and saw the magnificent building in the distance! It really was amazing.

PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage

We had lunch, and the restaurant must of had a deal with Red Letter as all the people in there had the pieces of paper and were saying such things as

I have a red letter day confirmation for the shard and lunch booked here

It was buzzing with conversations of people who had been or was about to go, which only made us more excited about our next adventure. Lunch over, loo stops done, we made a slow walk back to the tallest building in London. Time for a few more photo’s to be taken before we entered.PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage6

We Entered and handed over our tickets, had a mug shot taken which was in front of a green screen which was later super imposed over the back drop of London. We entered the lift expecting it to take a while but within seconds we were at level 33, there was a joint

woah, that was quick 

from everyone in the lift. We left that lift and entered the second lift and continued up to level 68. We were up 244m (800ft) You walk out and immediatly turn left and walk up a small set of stairs to a gallery to a view of london, it literally took my breath away, the most amazing view I have ever seen. We were so lucky to have had clear skies, a few clouds, but the spring winter sun was beating down. We decided to skip this part and take the 2nd flight of stairs and head straight to the top.

This part was partly open in the corner, not so you could hang out but the corners were not joined so it felt like you were in the open air. It was amazing. I pushed my way through the throng of people and just stared mouth open at the view, trying to spot all the different landmarks. Parliament, St Paul Cathedral, Docklands, The Barbican, Canary Wharf, The London Eye, The City Hall, The Gherkin, Wembly, The O2, The Olympic Stadium and lots more. The one I was most surprised at was the QE2 bridge, (it was quite hard to find!) which is right by where I live! I was amazed you could see that far. You can actually see a 40 mile radius over the city and a complete 360° view, it was amazing. I could of stayed up there all day if I could!

PicMonkey Collage7 PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage3

We descended to the lower viewing level and stood in awe again at the magnificent view. To have something like this on your doorstep (not literally but rather close) is quite amazing and I think if I was given the chance again I would definitely go, I would love to see London lit up at  night from 800ft up in the sky!

I would like to thank my wonderful friend Josh who took me on this lovely adventure, this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, I doubt I will be able to do it again and I am so pleased he asked me to go, so Josh if you read this, thank you so much for a wonderful day! and I better thank the husband for looking after the kiddos, especially as they both ended up being ill!

♥ Cherry Blossom Rain 


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  1. April 7, 2013 / 2:02 pm

    Amazing photos! This is something that I am really keen to do…I would love it!

  2. April 14, 2013 / 3:36 pm

    These are really amazing photos! I’d absolutely love to have this view for a day or two! Glad to hear you enjoyed some ‘me’ time! 🙂

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