The Very Proud Auntie Post!

This week I became an auntie! Yes, I am so excited! He is just the sweetest thing ever!He is so tiny and fragile looking its scary. But that has not stopped me giving him lots of auntie cuddles! I am actually in awe of this little man.

Some of you were aware I was becoming an auntie, I made this lovely blanket for him. I cannot wait to see him snuggled up in it, but for now I just love watching him squirm into me and holding on to my sister with clutched hands.

It was all very quick and as I am such a lovely auntie I took care of my other little nephew whilst it was all happening. I got a call at 3.30am to pick him up and I to be honest I thought the early wake up call was going to pay havoc with me but, 6 cups of tea before the school run {I didn’t go back to bed!} saw me rushing around like I was on more than just caffeine!

I willed on bedtime {not for me, for the children} so I could go and visit. There is nothing quite like a baby that is hours old! I got my first cuddles, first grumpy cry and first snuffles into my neck. It was bliss {you could say I was wishing for another! – but I am not going to put that on myself!}

I was back again yesterday and I really did step up my auntie duties, pushing him to play-school to pick up his brother {I won’t go as far as changing a mustardy poo-ey nappy though!}

He is so adorable and I am so pleased that after such a long wait my sister finally had a healthy baby boy. She is amazing and doing so well and I am such a proud sister {auntie}





  1. April 4, 2014 / 10:03 am

    Absolutely gorgeous huge congratulations to your while family xxx

  2. April 4, 2014 / 11:20 am

    I loved when I became an auntie, too! So fun. How adorable.

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