The Unexpected Moments {The Ordinary Moments}

Before we start, I know the title contradicts its self, this isn’t really an unexpected moment, but lately it is..  but bare with..

This week, we were back to normality, back to the every day to day school run and back to the sibling rivalry! When Moo and H get on, they really get on. In fact, yesterday was a day where we played, shared, and generally just enjoyed each others company. We have days where it can be tense and lots of shouting is done, declarations that I don’t want to be your sister anymore, your not my best friend, I wish I had a big brother instead of a sister, I hate you. These comments hurt me, although they don’t really know what they mean, they still upset me very much. Its not nice when your children have little arguments and can lead to a few hits with one another. It then ends in she said this mummy or he said that..

But, when these little moments happen, the ones where she leans in for a kiss and tells him how much she loves him, it completely wipes all the bad bits away. Children bicker and argue but these are the moments that I enjoy most about being a parent, the ones where I see two siblings bonding, where they show each other compassion.

This was unexpected and ordinary, in a way that this happens often, but not often enough. I love seeing them together like this and I burst with pride when I do, it means I am doing my job well..


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