The Things They Say…

Moo sometimes says things that stops me in my tracks and I think to my self, hold on thats me but just a much younger version of me! yes yes I know I know, I created her so obviously she is a younger version of me!

Getting ready for play school and she picks out Baby Annabel to take to the show and tell, which is obviously named Annabel. She pointed out that SHE wanted to carry her. We get to the end of the road and Moo starts huffing and puffing, and the declares

ANNABEL! Seriously I have had enough already! 

Moo whats wrong?

Mummy Annabel keeps falling down, I am holding her by her neck as well, and she keeps falling out of my hand. 

Oh… Maybe you should hold her hand? 

This time Moo growls, yes growls, gritted teeth and everything..

Annabel you do that again, I am going to take you dummy and throw it away, then you will cry and you wont get it back. I will then put you in your room till you say sorry

Wow! I looked on in amazement.. I didn’t want to actually tell her it was her that was at fault for not holding baby Annabel correctly in case I got a barrage of abuse back at me!

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