Whats worse than a sickness bug? I didn’t think there could be anything worse, but the last two weeks I have, or should I say G and H have battled a virus that has seen their temperatures sky rocket through the roof and has left them with no energy. Don’t get me wrong I hate sickness bugs but I think I would prefer a bug than a silent virus.

G was taken ill the last Friday of half term. She complained of a headache at first and when I went to visit my mum and G moaned constantly that she didn’t feel well, It got me thinking that actually she may be ill. I took her temperature and it was only slightly raised but over the course of a few hours it suddenly rose to over 39C. With paracetamol and ibuprofen it came down to normal levels. We thought it was just a funny 24 hour virus.

The Monday G was due back to school she was bouncing of the walls excited to see her friends. Normal range of temperature I kissed her goodbye and off she went. When I picked her up she said she felt fine and again I checked her temp as we were due to go swimming and I didn’t want her going if it was high. She got the go ahead to go to her lesson. Back home though she spiralled into a hot, sweaty heap on the sofa and within minutes her temperature was raging and she really didn’t look well. She slept the whole night and again woke saying she felt well. The thermometer agreed with her and again off to school she went. You can guess the pattern.. Every morning she was fine but by the time evening came round she was a complete mess and I was struggling to get her temp down. Thankfully by Thursday we managed to get control of it and she was back to her normal self by Friday. It was a strange virus and one that had half the class off!

I thought H had managed to by-pass it and what with it being his birthday weekend, we were hoping he wouldn’t be ill and luckily he managed to stay virus free all weekend. Until Sunday evening when he declared to a very sleepy mummy and daddy that he felt sick and thats when it all began. He had such a high reading on the thermometer I think he was sick purely because he was hot. I kept him off school on Monday because of the sickness rule and I didn’t want him to send him in with germs. Come lunch time he was rather chirpy so I decided to take G swimming after school and H seemed ok. He fell asleep in the car and thats when he went downhill. A very sweaty, chilly boy went to bed looking rather sorry for himself!

I hate the fact I cannot control their temperatures. Its a horrible feeling of being hot and literally sweating out a virus. As I type H is currently jumping about on the sofa next to me and I feel he is better, but only time will tell! I have kept up with the medication dosage and I am hoping he has managed to fight the virus quicker than G did. Its his birthday tomorrow and I really want him well, and H wants to go back to school as he wants to stand up in assembly and have happy birthday sung to him!


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