The Little Girl… {4 years 9 Months}

Or not so little… You have grown before my eyes. You have become more beautiful everyday and you surprise me and your daddy as the weeks go by.

With just over three weeks left of the school holidays left, these are the moments I want to treasure, these are the hours, minutes, seconds I want to breathe in and remember. I won’t be spending much time with you, now you will be attending school full time you see.

You are such a clever bright little girl, and you learn new things every day. I forget how old you really are some days as you say and do things that someone a lot older should be doing. From the early days you really were a clever little girl. Your first word was not mum or dad, it was in fact a 3 syllabus word, a word that nobody ever thought you would ever say at such a young age! It was your cousins name and he had only just been born! You took us all by surprise that day, then the mum, dad, dog, cat, words came, and once you could talk there was no stopping you.

The walking was a little slow, but that was not a problem, you enjoyed staying put, you were a rather large little girl, so you had a little extra weight to carry around so we all knew that walking was always going to come slightly later.

You love your sleep, there was a slight hiccup in between at 3 years but we will forget about that. Sleeping through from 4 weeks and now just the odd call out from you. You are currently sharing with your brother and he loves to be with you. You sleep on the top bunk and he sleeps on the bottom, I am sure you think its extra playtime when we put you to bed, but me and you dad love to listen to and your brother talking and laughing before you finally give into sleep.

You do have a bad temper, like all children I guess. Its not something I like, Its something that we deal with. We both find it frustrating at times and I am sure in time you will grow out of it (I hope!)

There are a few things you love.

  • Your Flopsy bear, who goes everywhere with you, although mummy has said, she will look after her when your at school.
  • Helping mummy bake,
  • reading books,
  • watching your self back on the family DVD clips (mummy isn’t a fan of this, as I don’t like 1. The podgy baby belly throughout and 2. The common accent I seem to have)
  • Going to the park
  • Going swimming
  • Playing in the garden
  • My iPad

I am going to make this a regular thing and write regular posts “The Little Girl” and “The Little Boy” These will contain little snippets about what Moo and Thor like/enjoy/milestones they are reaching, so its a memory, so I don’t forget, time is precious and time goes too quickly.

Mummy Hearts You


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