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This week we took you for your first ever cinema trip. You are not really a film girl, and very rarely sit through the films we have at home. I was determined to take you to the cinema before you started school, whilst we still had that time to spend together, before it was taken up with full day schools days.

We went as a family of three, leaving Thor at home with nanny and granddad. We explained how it was going to be, a big TV, as big a house. I loved seeing how your face lit up every time you heard those words

as big as a house

On the way we had explained to you that this is where mummy and daddy had met, where we fell in love and started our lives together, you asked so many questions. I love the way you ask questions, you are so inquisitive.

We walked up to the ticket desk and you could just about see over the counter, peeping over and looking at the popcorn. You sneakily put your hand in the bucket and had your first taste, only to spit it back out, not keen! We went to get our seats and we happily sat talking about the lights and the screen. What was going to happen. We had to make a quick exit for a loo stop before the film started, but then you settled back down with the popcorn in hand which you decided you actually quite liked.

The trailers started and to begin with, it was a bit loud, I was a bit wary, you were a bit restless. When the film started you were fine. You watched it intently, eating the treats we bought. Halfway through you became uncomfortable an d asked to go to the toilet. Daddy took you, and you were gone for a while. I thought it was because you didn’t want to come back in, but you actually were doing other things on the toilet!

When you returned, you sat on my lap and watched the film with me. Eyes glued to the big screen. I loved watching you. I was amazed at how well you coped with it all. It was the first time you fully watched a film, staying still in one place.

When the film finished we went shopping together. You spent some spending money you had saved up and, we bought Thor a little present with his, as he missed out in the film.

I loved spending time with you. It was strange spending time as a family of three, Thor should of been there, but he was too young, and would not have stayed still, but he would of loved the film, we will have to buy the DVD for him when it comes out. I hope you enjoyed your first experience of the cinema as much as I enjoyed taking you.

Mummy Hearts You



  1. August 28, 2013 / 9:07 am

    Ahh sounds like you had a lovely time! How old is she? I may take my eldest to the cinema for this first time soon – He has just turned 3 and is pretty active though so not sure he would sit still for that long!

    • August 28, 2013 / 9:12 am

      She is 4, she was rather restless, but the cinema was full of children. She didn’t get up from the seat, just moved around a lot. Alot of children were up and down, some even left half way through. It can be hit and miss. I was all prepared to leave to be honest, I really didn’t know how she would be.

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