The Little Girl | 7 Years 3 Months

I’ve not done a milestone post for G in so long I thought I better start another batch for 2016.

G is now 7 years and 3 months. I still find it a little bewildering that I have a 7 year old. Life lately has been hard and dealing with mood swings from G has really tested my parenting skills. G has now got into the stage of answering back and I have to bite my lip, a lot. I sometimes have a very angry 7 year old and I struggle to deal with situations sometimes.

G isn’t always moody. She can be a happy go lucky little girl. She loves school and she is enjoying learning new things. We have come on so far since our year one days and she has really settled and found her confidence.

Achedemically I couldn’t be more proud. She really struggled with maths last year but since entering year two it’s clicked and she really is striving in the subject. Her favourite lessons are literacy and English. Her reading blows me away and she is so fluent and reads with expression which I find amazing. Last year she was like a robot, but know it’s completely different.

She has a lovely set of friends she plays with and has really come out of her shell when meeting new people. She is still quite shy but her confidence has grown and she is quite happy to meet new children.

At the moment our only after school activity is swimming and I could not be more proud of her. She really wasn’t a water baby and not being able to touch the floor was always a huge thing for her. Jumping in was definitely a no-no. Over the last term we have managed lengths and jumping in at the deep end. She really does me proud when she finally realises she can do it.


If you forget the tantrums and mood swings G is such a loving, caring, thoughtful, kind little girl. She makes me super proud on a daily basis and I am most definitely honoured to be her mummy. For her to call me mummy.

I’ve decided to do 3 monthly update post for G and H, so do keep an eye out for my next update.


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