The Little Girl {5 Years 11 Months}

You are six! When, or how did that happen? I still remember when we carried you home, you filled out that little car seat and you started our journey into parenthood.

I am not entirely sure, where the time time has gone. I am not sure how you have become to be six already. Since turning six you have changed so dramatically. You seem taller, more girly and less like the little girl you were when you were five! Its sounds strange writing that but its true! You seem to be full of questions, inquisitive about life.

Your not a school lover, you would much prefer to stay at home and do nothing. You don’t enjoy school you say, you want to go back to reception class so you can spend your day playing, not working! You have improved so well though, moving up book groups and you handwriting has come on so well. I push you to do better, only because I know you can. You are given homework {not that I agree with it at your age – baring in mind its not the basic spelling, its full on proper homework} but you put your all into. You do your best and I am proud that you do.

Your relationship with your brother has improved. You have your moments with each other but its not constant and you can play so well together. You don’t realise how much he misses you when you are at school! He is always asking when we are going to pick you up. Since splitting your bedrooms {which didn’t go too well at first, but we now have a good regime} you are free to hide away and have some time to yourself.

You have your little quirks, you shout a lot {I mean a lot!} You throw the odd tantrum, which could go on and on {and on} you can demand and not give up. But you can be such a caring, loving little girl, you know when to say sorry and how to say it. You can give the biggest cuddles and really mean them.

You are turning into the little girl I want you to be {apart from the tantrum side, which isn’t nice at all!} You make me proud, you make me smile when you run into my arms at the end of the school day, you are perfect the way you are and I wouldn’t change anything about you…

You, my gorgeous, funny, intelligent, witty little girl are the light of my life and you are everything I ever want you to be.. Don’t change and you will go far..


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