The Little Boy | 4 Years 7 Months

I’ve not done a milestone post for H in so long I thought I better start another batch for 2016.

This was the year H started school.  I was so worried but I really didn’t need to worry as he has strived from day one. Obviously being in reception it’s mainly play based but I’m astonished at how much he has learnt already in the first full term.

H can now write his name fully. I was Slightly worried at first but by the 5th week of being in school he had spelt out loud and written down his name. His phonics lessons are really paying off and he will sound out words on road signs, magazines and books. I still get overwhelmed by the fact that both G and H can read! His writing has come on leaps and bounds too.

The other day I said to H count backwards thinking he wouldn’t and he did. He counted backwards from 20 to 0 and I was pretty shocked. G was not interested in numbers and still struggled with backward counting when she was in year one so I was pretty surprised when H did it, fluently too!

Since starting school H’s temper has become more apparent and although he doesn’t have full on mood swings, he can be quite naughty if he doesn’t get his own way and especially if he is tired! He loves his sleep and will still nap in the car, but being woke up is not something we do lightly.

His relationship with G is lovely. He dotes on his big sister and when they get on its lovely to watch, but when they argue is not great. They still share a room which hopefully this year will change but for the time being they enjoy the company of a night.

I am mighty proud of H, like his sister he is a contented, kind little boy. He is quite happy to go off and play on his own but also have other people join in. I love to hear about his day and what he has achieved at school, about making new friends and what he has learnt. I look forward to asking him what he has done.

The fact he calls me mummy makes me proud that I am. He is the apple of my eye, I wouldn’t change him for the world.


I’ve decided to do 3 monthly update post for G and H, so do keep an eye out for my next update.


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