The Learning Curve, That Is Parenthood

Lately G has struggled with her moods and lately I have struggled. I think it’s normal for any parent to say it’s hard and it’s by no means easy. I think it’s painful when you read updates about how well behaved someone’s child is constantly as I really don’t believe people can be that gifted in having a well behaved child all the time, and if they have to lie to paint a perfect picture then I feel quite sorry for them.

I’m not ashamed to say G is a moody madam and I’m definitely not ashamed to say she pushes me to my limit and I find it hard to keep my cool. Lately the moods have progressed into back chat and hurtful conversations and it breaks me that she says such things. It ends in door slamming and moods that can last hours.

It stems from silly things like me saying no to something and then before I know it, it has blown up to something castrophic I find it difficult to keep my cool and G responds in the only way she knows and that is to vent her anger. It then explodes into you hate me, you don’t love me, my friends mums don’t act like this.. In the click of your fingers I no longer have a sweet, adorable 7 year old, I have a stroppy, grumpy 17 year old.

Mr B and I are actually dreading the teenage years if this is what it is to go by. When G is in one of these moods, nothing works and it’s best just to ignore her, which doesn’t make her any better, in fact it makes her worse but its better to ignore than have an argument with her.

I wont lie, I struggle, I find it so hard parenting a grumpy child and G must find it just as frustrating. Its an emotional rollercoaster not just for her but me too and there are days I could cry and wish the happy go lucky G back.

I sometimes wish there was some kind of manual to help me {and G} through the days we both struggle, but its all a learning curve for her and me. 



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  1. yvette morgan
    March 9, 2016 / 8:41 am

    I can totally relate to this post, with 4 children 6 grandchildren we have had wild ones, grumpy ones, you name it we have had it, its usually the sweet ones that turn into a nightmare in the teenage years x

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