The {Every Other} Sunday Tradition {The Ordinary Moments}

Every other sunday is a family day {the Sundays we don’t spend at home we spend bombarding the grand-parents!}. I love this sunday as its a chance to chill from the busy week and its also nice to relax before the coming week starts.

We have made it a bit of a tradition to watch a film after Sunday lunch. We all snuggle on the sofa and with popcorn to hand we settle down and relax as a family.

I am late to this years biggest disney film so today is a day we shall watch it. That film being Frozen of course! Moo and the little boy are not huge film fans but sundays are a day they will sit and watch a film with us. I am looking forward to it, I enjoy our little routine and it gives me something to look forward to after slaving away in the kitchen all morning making dinner!



10 thoughts on “The {Every Other} Sunday Tradition {The Ordinary Moments}”

  • Oh that’s a lovely way to spend a Sunday – wee watched Frozen for the first time yesterday so you definitely aren’t the last people to see it!

  • I love the sound of Sunday afternoon movies, we have been doing that a little with our boys recently! And what a movie – Nathaniel and I saw this for his birthday at Christmas, play the soundtrack constantly and watched it twice the day we got it! Hope you guys like it!

  • What a lovely tradition. We did something similar today after a long day out, we just came home and crashed out on the sofa and watched Monsters University, it was lovely. I hope you all enjoyed the film x

  • We love snuggly family days as well, we are so busy over May and June I am fully taking advantage of lazy April. There is nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa watching a film. And Frozen is AMAZING! x

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