The Dividing Of The Bedrooms

When we moved in two years ago, we had every intention on splitting G and H up in regards to their bedrooms. Coming from a  pokey 2 bedroom flat meant we were being spoilt with a 3 bedroom house. It didn’t quite happen and it brings us to this day, with them still sharing.

Over the weekend we had had enough of the loud footprints running too and from the toilet each night, the cries of she/he is keeping me awake or my night light has fallen down, can you come and get it. We decided to take drastic action and divide them up and finally put them in their own room. It was Mr B’s idea and I sort of went along with it. I had a party to attend to with H on saturday so swiftly left Mr B to take charge, expecting it to be chaos when I got back.

Surprisingly Mr B had sorted H’s room. H was now the proud owner of his very own room and he could not of been happier with it! G’s bedroom was intact a mess and something we would need to sort through the following day. The big test would be wether they could sleep in their own rooms all night.

I was half expecting a night-time visitor but with two excited children tucked up in bed, we waited with baited breathe in the lounge for the heavy footsteps, but we heard none, we heard no talking, no giggles, nothing. In fact, it was the first time, in a very long time that both G and H went to sleep without any hassle. I could blame the holiday away and say they were extra tired, but three days in to having their own bedrooms and we have had no messing around at bedtime. H loves his new room and is excited to go to bed, every morning he wakes and he says thank-you to us for finally moving him into it. It has worked in our favour and the evenings are back to calm and relaxation instead of us constantly shouting up the stairs of go to bed, stop messing around, be nice, or in my case the empty threat!

It just so happened that deciding to do all this now came at the right time as we had a really good sort out of toys and junk ready for our electrics to be done in a few weeks. We have a nice collection of stuff we need to boot sale and all the money we get will go to G and H.

Now my job is to scour Pinterest for bedroom ideas. I am really excited about decorating them. I have a few ideas I want to do. Hopefully by the end of the year we will have two new nicely decorated bedrooms.


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