The Delights Of Autumn…

There is something about Autumn that I love, woodland walks, park visits, then coming home for hot cocoa.

During the summer you make the most of the glorious sunshine and bask in it. Making every opportunity to have picnics at the park, visit beaches and paddling pools in the garden.

This weekend we took a visit to the local village park which I have spoken about before. It has a huge conker tree at the back of the cricket field. We spent our time searching for conker’s, building up our collection that we already had.




It was also a chance to wear the new wellies we had purchased over the weekend, perfect opportunity to find muddy puddles and jump around. Since we have had so much rain the past few days it was something that was very welcomed by both children!




The little boy loves to find conkers and manage to get a good haul. We also found acorns too, intact with there little “hats”



All the conkers had dropped from the tree, but there were a few stray ones still in there casing. I love bursting them out, to find a great big shiny smooth conker (this one in particular had twins!)


Such a fun activity to do as a family. The joy on the little boys face every time he found a conker was a picture I just couldn’t help but keep snapping.

Its not until the season is upon us that you fully take it in. I love all seasons, but when we are in the midst of one like we are autumn then thats when I fully fall in love with it.

Mummy Heart’s You



    • October 25, 2013 / 7:56 am

      To be honest, it only since having children that I fully appreciate the seasons! Autumn at the moment is just beautiful.

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