The Day We Became Four

The day we bought Thor home was the day we became four officially, it felt real, it felt natural. Today was that day 2 years ago. After 4 days in SCBU on fathers day we were told he could come home. It was such a relief.

Daddy received a very special card that day, his first card from Thor. The hospital staff had imprinted his foot into the card and it was such a lovely thing to do and daddy, I am sure will cherish it forever, and the day will mean a lot for us all.

Moo rushed in and immediately kissed her brother. It was not always going to be like this, there was time where she would be jealous of him but then there were times where she would care for him and rock him to sleep. She would hold him with pride. She would do all she could to help, with getting the nappies and the clothes and she would help bathe and wash him. She would be so gentle with him. Those first few days/months/weeks we would all snuggle in bed of a morning and make the most of our family of four time

To see Thor now, you would not quite believe the start he had in life, not life threatening at all, but still scary on every ones part. He is such a little pickle now and I can’t believe he is now two! He is technically a toddler, not a baby anymore.

I love our family of four. Four is most definitely a perfect number for my perfect family.

♥ Mummy Heart’s You ♥


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