The Bear That Was Forgotten…

When I was younger I had two things that meant the world to me.. A blanket and a bunny, now I had the blanket for quite sometime, I remember wrapping it around my pillow so I slept on it.. I cannot quite remember what was on the blanket but it had some kind of pattern on it and it got smaller and smaller to the point it wasn’t a blanket anymore. Secondly I had a rabbit. It was a fluffy white rabbit that was mine and it was something I took everywhere. I named it Flopsy and it got lost.. I am guessing, as I cannot think where else I could of lost it, that it was misplaced when we moved. But I still had the blanket so all was good.


A throwback picture of moi with the famous Flopsy bear the 1st.. 

6 years ago, Moo was bought a fluffy little rabbit that I named flopsy {sentimental reasons I guess} It was given to her when she was 2 or 3 days old and its never left her side. I have managed not to loose her in all these years. There was one occasion when I went to the park and she was holding it whilst in her pram, I was heavily pregnant with H and when I got back to the car I realised it was no longer in her possession, I cried, Moo cried and I went back to find it. My sister in law thought I was a crazy women and so did the women at the bus stop when I found it, I cried with happiness and couldn’t stop nervously laughing at the though it could of been lost.


I have been pretty careful ever since and I try not to let her take it out with her, especially now she is at school!! This weekend we went to my sister in laws and Moo managed to slip Flopsy out, I have worked out that when she is nervous or a little shy, she sniffs it, and apparently when she arrived she was sniffing it, unknown to me or Mr B..

Whilst on the way home we heard a little voice in the back

“Did you pick up Flopsy mummy?

Erm.. No? Did you have her?

“YES {cue the screams} she is lost isn’t she mummy, Im never going to see her again am I mummy?”

By this point I couldn’t calm her down and I couldn’t stay calm anymore, I may have shouted a lot at her and told her it was her own fault as we didn’t know she had her. The 20 minute drive home continued with sobs from the back and

“How am I going to get to sleep without her? she is my best friend”

Luckily Flopsy was well and safe and I knew exactly where she was, its just Moo had to wait to get her back, which didn’t go down too well, but thankfully she was tired and within 2 minutes she was asleep. The thing that upset me was the whole, I need her to sleep and what am I going to do story. Flopsy is as she said her best friend, she takes her everywhere {much to my dismay} and she sniffs her a hell of a lot to clam her down. If she ever did loose her I would be gutted for her and mortified that I didn’t take care of it for her.

We made up a little story in the morning that we thought Flospy was actually the Easter bunny, its amazing the innocence of a child, she smiled from ear to ear, and quietly said


She is under strict instructions that she has to leave her at home!


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  1. April 5, 2015 / 11:01 pm

    Oh her love for Flopsy is adorable and it’s lovely that you had a bunny too when you were young. I hope she never loses her! x

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