The Battle Begins…

With Motherhood comes times of joy and laughter, but then there come times where you push through it. Thor is at the unsettling age of 2! I hate to say the word, and I never thought I would, but I think he has reached them…. The terrible two’s.. there I said it, and I hate myself for it…

He was and still is a very chilled out little boy, he gets very distressed when left and is attached to me , which Moo never was, she was quite happy to be left alone with nanny and grandad, but Thor, is different, he is very much a mummies boy and I find myself sneaking off without saying goodbye which is awful. Its not very often that we leave him. He is with me 24/7.  Ive noticed little things about him now that have started to change his personality. If I say no he will pull a little face, push out his bottom lip in a way that will make me feel rather guilty at the fact I just declined him of something. If I take something off him that he should not have he will throw back his head and scream


at me and cry until his hearts content. If his Sister has something he wants he will give her a hefty whack, and vice versa (which obviously I tell them off for!) Moo is a tease and Thor plays into it, they really are both as bad as one another but they both understand whats right and what is wrong.

There are things he does that Moo never did, if he does not get what he wants he will retaliate in a way that is just outrageous in my eyes! but I let him get on with it and he soon calms down. Moo on the other hand likes to drag her little tempers outs, she can make hers last for ages! Once she has a mood on she can have a mood on for the day, which is hard, as it can be quite difficult to snap her out of one.

This of course is all part of motherhood and what comes with the lows brings highs and those are the best, and the highs weigh out the lows of course! Watching both Moo and Thor’s personalities grow and seeing what they both become is amazing and to think that I and my husband are modelling them in to what they become is scary stuff but they have their own minds and wishes so what will be will be, but for now I will cherish whats becoming of them and battle through this sticky 2 year old stage like I did with Moo!

 ♥ Mummy Heart’s You ♥


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